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Chris Burkard Sprinter Van Wrap

We were recently commissioned to remove an old wrap and rewrap photographer Chris Burkard's Sprinter van. After finalizing the new color we got right to work with a serious deadline for completion. We call this a color change with the objective of not seeing any of the original paint.

1993 Jeep Wrap

This 1993 Jeep started out blue before it became a A10 Warthog Jet. This was a cool project with a few challenging sections.

Rear Window Graphics

A logo company asked us to design and install perforated vinyl on their rear window.

Window Graphics applied to the large side windows

Branding this van with perforated vinyl served this customer well. The vinyl graphics not only advertises, but also provides privacy for the passengers of the van.

Window Graphics Make a Difference

Storefront window graphics make an incredible first impression, and can attract new customers into your place of business.

Local Restaurant New Sign Design

Lava Print Media was excited to help re-design one of our favorite restaurants in Templeton, CA.

It's Breaktime!

This food truck just received a brand new look. After sitting down with the new owners and hearing what they had in mind we were able to design a unique look. They agreed and just a few days later they drove away with a wrap that captured their brand.

H&R Block

A local H&R Block franchise owner wanted a dynamic wrap on their 2010 VW Beetle. As you can see, mission accomplished!

Joe's Plumbing

Designed and produced at Lava Print Media.

Color Change Wraps

This awesome fully wrapped white Nissan came into our shop needing the rear bumper rewrapped. As you can see, a few hours later the rear bumper was as good as new.

Camo Jeep

A customer wanted this cool little jeep to stand out. He asked if we could design a camouflage wrap. As you can see he now owns a camouflage wrapped jeep.

Custom BMW Full Wrap

This black BMW was designed and wrapped to pay artistic homage to California's state flag. Everyone loved it and it got noticed!

Fleet Wraps

A very successful Solar company needed their fleet of vehicles wrapped. We were involved in printing and installing the graphics from start to finish.

Utility Truck Bed Wrap

A local framing contractor wanted his truck branded. We were excited to design and then install this cool wrap.

Onsite Diesel

Started out a white truck with a few spot graphics this truck needed some work. All the customer knew for sure is that he wanted flames on the front. So we started there and the result speaks for itself.

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