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Do you realize that your website is single handedly the most important piece of your online presence?  IT ABSOLUTELY IS!!  In fact, your websites landing pages are the most important part of setting your business up for success.  Lava Print Media offers website development on a level that separates us from most website builders.  With more than 20 years of web designing experience we know the importance of a high quality, user friendly website.

Our #1 GOAL here at Lava Print Media is to design and develop a website that is so in tune with you and your ideal customers, that it will stop people in their tracks and you will GET NOTICED!

As we are creating your killer website, we will be adding a wide range of bells and whistles to your site to ensure awesome SEO, (Search Engine Optimization).  This will help you get more leads and rank higher on search engines with what your business has to offer!  We will also highly recommend an ongoing strategy for attaining and then maintaining a high ranking on keywords important to your business.  SEO is not a single task but it is a series of tasks and services that must be done over time which is available in a popular subscription model. And last but not least, our graphic designers make sure to drop in the most professional, stunning display of photographs, video and images, to give YOUR website a CLEAR MESSAGE, and a CLEAN & INTELLIGENTLY DESIGN.

Web Development You Can Trust To Get Noticed!

When you hire our team to build your website, we use a powerful web design software that allows you to follow along in the design progress.  Every image used in developing your site will be properly tagged and optimized.  All copy/content used will align perfectly with the overall mission, and objectives of your businesses.  It will be carefully written to include keywords, that will help you increase in raking above your competitors.

If you are a start-up company and need a Logo or Branding Package we've got you covered.  Maybe you need Business Cards, Signs, Banners, Car Wraps, that is congruent in design with your website! WHERE ELSE CAN YOU GET THAT?  We LAVA to take your website design and weave it into your entire business branding! GET YOUR BUSINESS IN THE LAVA FLOW and in addition to doing all that here in house with us, with our extra SEO Monthly Subscription model, you can not only let us create your website to maximize the generation of leads, but we can do a strategic plan to grow your SEO into an entity all it's own, while you get out there and do what you love to do...go help others and run your business!


Check out our two most popular branding packages below. Once you select the best logo option for your business the design process will begin immediately. We will work with you to create an original brand from scratch. Good design is the foundation of your company image. See some examples

Once your new branding package is complete Lava Print Media is committed to helping in the implication process. We can help in not only the design but also in your large format printing needs to produce: vehicle wraps, banners, signage, interior graphics, floor graphics, decals, to name just a few.


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